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Less talk, more witty banter about gardening.


A production of Fresh Produce, a little advertising agency on the prairie, The Rock Garden Tour celebrates those that work the land, those that play the free range rock and roll, and those that live in South Dakota (more or less). We hop out of SDPB Radio every Saturday night at 7pm (Central), and Sundays at 11pm. You can also hear the show on KCFS 94.5 in Sioux Falls, SD every Thursday night from 8-10pm. Or listen to weekly podcasts right here.

Middle-American folk icons with two things on our minds: gardening and rock and roll. That's it. If you want to shoot the breeze on the socio-economic implications of People Magazine, then this show may not be your shoe. Sometimes we discuss the Coach's fall from the top of the barn (twice), or talk about Coach's experiment of using marigolds around the pumpkins as a pest deterrent, or the origins of the turnip-o-lantern, the trouble with squirrels in the garden, beer traps, pet wiener dogs named Rusty that died after 15 pretty good years, garden gnome subculture, if you can over-water a lilly pad, mojo, sonic pest-control, mountain goats, Montrose's Labor Day softball tourney, and per usual, the real zombies of Hayti, SD.

Listen to the Rock Garden Tour and keep it rural.


pruning. weeding. thrashing. propagating. composting. smashing a drum kit with a volunteer tap root. planting. mowing. trimming. williams and ree.